Stamford Academy offers an instructional program rooted around student’s strengths instead of their deficiencies. Our educational framework centers around four core-competencies: self-inquiry, exploration, experiential learning, and action. These core competencies will be developed as students explore our four guiding questions within the curriculum. 

In the 9th grade, students examine the question Who Am I? as they build confidence and self-worth. As 10th graders, they will explore the question Who Are We? while they look for ways that their own strengths can meet the needs of their school and neighborhood communities. 11th grade students will ponder the question Who Are They? as they actively participate in their community and examine groups that have been historically oppressed or who have been oppressors. Three years of questioning culminates with action as students not only ask What Will I Do? but also develop and implement an action plan containing post-secondary and community-wide initiatives.