Stamford Academy provides smaller class sizes, individualized attention, extra-curricular activities, and social-emotional support for our students as they transition into adulthood and post-secondary education. The curriculum is based on the National Common Core State Standards and includes activities which are forward-focused. 

A collection of extra-curricular activities, internships, and athletic opportunities allow students to experience a well-rounded high school program. Our students commute from a variety of towns including Stamford, Norwalk, and Bridgeport to receive targeted instruction and guidance. The comprehensive academic and social-emotional program provides students with the opportunity to reach their highest success.

All students who attend Stamford Academy are provided with a Family Advocate who provides social-emotional support in school and who acts as an advocate to connect families with resources in the community. Although not a therapeutic school, Stamford Academy Charter High School offers daily emotional check-ins to all students as well as individual counseling support to students. 

All staff is trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, a program designed by Cornell University, as well as Sanctuary, a program focused on working with persons who have experienced trauma.