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Updates to Distance Learning

Hello Stamford Academy Family!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I miss seeing the student faces every day and our daily interactions.

Third quarter report cards will be mailed out over the next few days! Please look for these in your mail!

I wanted to update everyone on how we plan to continue with distance learning through May 20th. I also wanted to answer some other questions that people have been asking:

Updates to Distance Learning

  • Starting this week, we have changed the structure of distance learning to decrease the number of emails and texts students were receiving from teachers.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, Science, Math, PE, and Mandarin teachers will be posting their lessons on Google Classroom and will be reaching out to students.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, English, History, Art, and Literacy teachers will be posting their lessons on Google Classroom and will be reaching out to students.

  • At the beginning of the week, teachers will be post a “checklist” for students of the assignments that will be due that week. We ae hoping students will send the checklist to the teacher on Friday with all of the items checked off!

  • Fridays will be Flex Fridays. This means no new content or assignments will be posted on Fridays. This is a day for students to catch up on work that was assigned Monday-Thursday and to reach out to teachers for support.

  • Physical paper packets - We will be switching to sending these out every two weeks. Below is the schedule. Mail has been taking longer than usual, so please be patient. The packets that were mailed on April 6th were arriving to homes on April 17th and after. If our return date is extended, I will update the schedule to reflect this.

Date packets are will be mailed - Monday, April 20

Dates the work will cover - April 20-May 1

Date packets are will be mailed - Friday, May 1

Dates the work will cover - May 4-May 20 (May 15 if the return date is extended)

Please continue to take care of yourself and others so we can all be together soon!

Andrea Weller

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